The tokens have been designed in a way that is supposed to constantly increase their value, while allowing for profits by its holders in the form of Tokend.

Our intention is to build a huge value of tokens, thanks to which, from the first quarter of 2022, tokens will be able to earn by buying and selling tokens through the exchange.



LOYALITY PROGRAMME. The company makes a quarterly payment the equivalent of 5% of sales revenues, which is automatically divided between all tokens via the PoS protocol, starting from 2022. The payment is made in the form of oPLN, oEURO, oUSD.

A very beneficial solution for token holders - payments to tokens are always made, regardless of the amount of profits in the company.

AFFILIATE PROGRAM WWW.BIOINLIFE.EU. Token allows participaping to it’s holders making money by recommendations via www.bioinlife.ue . If the token holders is participating in the affiliate program and recommending products, services, or commercializationing of technology via the platform, (selected products are indicated in the Regulations of the affiliate program) the token holders are be entitled to receive a commission in the amount of 20% of net effective sale completed with a purchase (the standard commission is 15%).

2. UTILITY FUNCTION (payments): The Issuer will enable to tokens holders the purchase of the products available on the platform, in exchange for tokens.

3. DISCOUNT COUPON. The token holders may be entitled to receive a discount on goods and services offered via

4. ADVERTISING FUNCTION. The Issuer will enable to tokens holders to advertise their products and services on the platform in exchange for tokens.

5. COMBUSTION FUNCTION (in form of cashback). The company, beginning from 2023, plans to start the pucharse back of the issued tokens from the market, in the maximum amount of up to 5% per year. Regardless of this fact, it is assumed, that some people who will receive tokens as a 15% remuneration for effectively recommending the purchase of tokens, will be interested in having them, while some people will be interested in selling them. Therefore, the company will buy some of the tokens in order to burn them, which can lead to a rapid increase in value.

6. IDENTITY FUNCTION. The company intends to create an international business community using the platform - a business club available for only token holders.


Because science and technology will never stop developing, that's why The BIOINLIFE Token, based on this concept, has the great potential for unlimited global development, as well as the huge rise of the value.


Forecast of sales revenues and the procentage share of tokens in sales revenues.

 Revenues in PLN
 Surcharges for tokens


Forecast of sales revenues and the net profits.

 Revenues in PLN
 Net profit